About Stay-A-Day

Welcome to our new “Stay-A-Day, See Our USA" website.  The basis of “Stay-A-Day” is to ask ALL visitors and conference attendees traveling to or within the US to add an extra day to their itinerary and: visit an African-American cultural and/or heritage site;  dine at an Ethnic Eatery; and purchase items from African-American retail stores, artists and craft artisans. Additionally, the program suggests, if possible: book travel/tours with an African-American Travel Agent, Tour Operator; stay at a Black-owned hotel or bed and breakfast; and worship at an African-American Church. It is estimated that $367.1 million in revenue would be added to the US economy each day if all international visitors extended their travel experience in this country. Approximately $1.8 billion a day would be generated if all domestic travelers included an additional day in their itineraries. 

Imagine the economic impact possibilities if a fare share of these dollars found their way into our community. The purpose of “Stay-A-Day…See Our USA” is to help revitalize the overall travel industry, contribute to creating jobs in African-American communities, stimulate the nation’s economy, and just as importantly, expose travelers worldwide, to the enormous cultural impact that people of African descent have made in this country. As efforts to increase visitation to and within the U.S. are intensified, it’s clear to us that we as African-Americans must assume the responsibility of making certain that these and any other programs geared to rebuilding the travel industry will also benefit our community as well.